Waiting for your site to be perfect before it even exists.

The one thing that can stop you from moving forward in your internet business is perfection. Yep, I’ll say it again, perfection. You want all your ducks in order before you even begin the actual process. You want to know it all before you even get a domain, much less a name for your business. This will definitely hurt you. You make every effort to learn all aspects of your business. Whether it’s the building of the website itself, and worrying about how you are going to get traffic to your web site. My advice to you is. Stop being a perfectionist and start creating. You should not worry about making mistakes, having everything correct, etc.

In general, people are scared to fail. That’s just the honest truth. In fact, you should embrace the idea that things will go wrong at some point. In order to succeed, you must fail. This is a requirement of success. Take a look at any famous entrepreneur today. If you read about them, every single one failed at the beginning, sometimes to the point of throwing it all away. But persistence pays off. You fail, you get back up and you find out how to do it right the next time.

Remember, you do not have to know everything to get started in an online business. You do not have to follow all the gurus; buy all their material; get stuck learning very long and very expensive (boring) courses. This is not where you should be spending your time. There will always be another piece of software, webinar, guru, etc.

The best way to learn anything is to do it. Yes, it will be a bit painful at the beginning, perhaps very confusing. However, what matters is that you take action which will lead to knowledge, then to success. Take the ‘learn as you go’ approach. At least you’ll have something to look at and then make your changes. Whatever that is: commercial site, blog, video channel, etc.

In conclusion, if you do not start, you cannot make any money with your internet business. So get something going today. Don’t let the unknown stop you.

To your success.