Let’s discuss Free Traffic!!

OK, so you have a web site, you have a product. You are all set and ready to go…Now what? Traffic, that’s what!!

In order to survive in e-Marketing, you need traffic into your web site. That’s a given. So, where do you go for traffic? Can you afford to pay for traffic? If so, then perhaps you might want to consider Facebook as a source of traffic. Yes, you’ll need to sign up if you don’t already have a Facebook account. But the process is fairly simple. Create an audience that may be interested in your product or service, then, create the ad; send the ad; pay for the ad; and bingo!! Traffic comes to your site. Well, perhaps it’s not that simple, but it’s basically how you do it.

What about free traffic sites? Have you considered them at all? If you are on a very tight budget and need to get something going as far as traffic is concerned, this might just be the way to go.

There are sites called safelists. These sites provide free traffic to you, provided you agree to receive their members’ ads into your email account. Yep, nothing is exactly free, but at least it’s not going into your pocket. The fee will be some work on your part in order to receive this free traffic.

The disadvantages of this are that this system works on a credit or points system. You are awarded credits or points for each email read, for which you can exchange for the number of emails you can send out to their members. Also, you need to be on the email more than 15 seconds each, to have it considered read. Ok, that’s a bummer, but, again, it’s free traffic.

I strongly suggest you create two new email accounts; preferably Gmail as the sites prefer it that way. One Gmail account will be your contact email, the second Gmail account will serve as the recipient of the many offers you’ll be receiving. Because of the huge number of offers being sent, you do not want to use your personal Gmail account for this. It will get crazy very quickly.

Here are a handful of sites you might want to review and/or sign up for if you want to give this a go:


Give it a shot!! Why not? You may find useful information in the process that will benefit your endeavors.

To your success!!

SEO’s Importance To Your Success

Internet advertising and marketing search engine optimization (SEO) has frequently proven itself to be THE important thing that transforms little web sites into profit belching monsters, and that’s the reality. We can all agree that SEO isn’t precisely simple but it’s not that hard of a venture for a person who is aware of and knows how engines like Google and their rating rules work. With this knowledge they could climb to the top of the list in engines like Google. In any case it’s their rules, so if you play by them, success will prevail. The reality is that SEO is an almost magic way of long term economic success. Get it right and bingo!

The tools and strategies available to everybody that is aware of their stuff is nearly endless, which include a few uncommon ones. Maybe you have heard of the hyperlinks development method? With this a website can gain pinnacle rankings without using keyword optimization. Some of those strategies will give you results in no time!

It’s usually not necessary to have a big mega website. There are people who make themselves accessible (along with me) that will promote your web page and help you bring in huge month-to-month incomes. Lots of sites in recent times have earned wholesome earnings from the usage of Google AdSense.  In truth for lots web sites, that is their main source of revenue. However, none of this is feasible without the necessary traffic.

This brings us again to SEO. It’s critical for on-line success! Without it you can’t hope to do higher than average, and who the heck desires to be average? Not me….how about you?

To your success!!!