How to Get Free Back Links To Your Website

Dangers of too many back links in a short time.

One very important SEO factor to keep in mind. If you were not aware, a high number of back links to a brand new website in a short period of time will not increase your ranking as far as Google is concerned. The top 10 search results in Google have an average back link age of 470 days. So, if your back links are ‘younger’ than 470 days, then you’ve probably just wasted a lot of money. The lesson here is that older back links are worth more to Google than new, possibly bought, back links.

Effective Use of Back links

One final tip: Your back links should point to interior pages (like blog posts) rather than the home page. This ensures Google algorithms that the links will be directed to quality content. Do not make the mistake of thinking your links in the footer, sidebar, and navigation will help your ranking. They will not. Keep this in mind as you build your website.

To Your Success!!!