How to Get Free Back Links To Your Website

It used to be that back links were seen as the number one SEO factor for top search engine rankings. However, this appears to be not the case anymore. Links will continue to lose relevance as user experience and content relevance are gaining more and more importance.

Google, Bing, and other search engines have improved at ranking the best and most relevant content. Additionally, with the evolution of smartphones, fresh and most shared content gets higher ranking. For a number of niche topics, a high ranking is doable today without a large number of high-quality back links. As search traffic increases from mobile devices, webpages are often liked or shared and not actively linked like before.

Free Back Links
How to get free back links.

Are back links still important?

The answer is YES. Back links are still a factor that directly affects your SEO rankings. But, remember, the increasing role of apps and app rankings in organic search has also reduced the importance of back links. Back links will continue to be a part of the SEO algorithm, but now, they are termed as just another SEO factor and no longer the primary SEO factor to achieve high Google rankings.

Please keep this in mind.

Brand awareness and relevant content generate more back links from different domains over time. Also keep in mind that the most important type of back links are ‘quality’ back links, that is, those that are coming from an authentic website, which have better benefits for your website’s SEO.

One surefire way to get free back links.

One great way to get free quality back links are those that come from news sites. This is because news websites will mention the source website (your website) or the domain name of the source news in the body of their news article or at the bottom. Some news websites will directly link to the original news page; others just link to the home page of the source website.

So, how to you get on to a news website?

If your website publishes a press release of your newly announced product or service, the news sites may publish that information and link back to your homepage as the source of that piece. Now, you cannot expect to rise to the top of the rankings immediately, solely on these news sites back links. It may take some time for the news to spread. In time, your back links number will increase and therefore, your ranking will too.